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A Calling
The Throne Room.  The True Center of the universes, from which the Holy One ruled and reigned, dispensing justice and retrieving mercies from ages past on into ages future.  Jerry didn’t know how he’d gotten to this grand and terrible place.  One moment he was dropping to sleeping his room.  The next moment the young man found himself walking directly into what could only be Light Inapproachable.
With even with as much faith as he thought he possessed, it wasn’t at all an expected afternoon.
Sitting on the Throne, surrounded by a chorus of angels and attended by seraphim was Jerry’s passion: The One he loved and served with all his heart.  “The Lord,” he worshiped.  “Abounding in mercy, Terrible in justice.  The Spirit of Love and Truth.”  The only thing that could hush a singing angel was the presence of a greater worshiper, and so one by one the angels, ancient in t
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Cheatery Eatery
Acts 17. 26-28
“From one man he made every nation of men…” Acts 17.26a
     "I've heard about this place, Bob. It's supposed to be one of the more prestigious restaurants in town."
     "No kidding, Cynthia.  I couldn't believe that I was able to get reservations for our anniversary."
     "I still can't believe you're still having me along." The young morphic rat chimed in from his seat in the back of the car.
     "We already went over this, Jude." Ben chuckled.  "Just enjoy yourself tonight."
     "Name, sir?" The maitre d' was as stuffy and as ...Gauline as one usually pictures the headwaiters of posh restaurants to be.  Well, Gauline insomuch as he seemed uptight and overly attentive to detail – he lacked the French accent.
     "Cordwainer.  Party of three."
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Blaise - WiP character sketch
Primary conflict: Discretion vs. Indulgence
Species: Common Rat, Rattus norvegicus
Ethnicity: French
Age: 24
Physical appearance: Medium-short, slim build, classy casual fashion
Blaise stands about 5’5” (one of the shorter characters). He doesn’t slouch. There’s a boyish cuteness behind his stereotypically “mild scruff” that he can’t fully come to grips with or is even completely aware of. Wears conservative clothing but nothing too tight laced. Perhaps buttoned-up shirt, but not tucked in or completely buttoned either. Blaise is not a punkish rat, heaven forbid. If he ever took the time to, he could make himself out to be handsome in some subjective/objective manner.
He’s not religious but believes in God and has a rather flexible morality. He’s intelligent, smart enough that people know it whenever he opens is mouth (though he doesn’t do that often). What only his family and close friends would know about the ratt
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Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever!
He's getting married today.  My best friend
David and his lovely new wife.
I don't really know
how I feel about this.
We promised
to always be there for the other.
But now
his life is completely given to another.
I wish
I could feel happy.  But
I know
That's not the truth.
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Bleeding Heart
Have you ever felt that your heart is bleeding?  Bleeding out all the lessons and fun times and growth of the past year as if it were not healthy maturing tissue, but a puss-filled, festering tumor instead.  Such is my pain, such is my life, such is my darkness.
My story?  An admixture of abject sorrow, shining joys and cautious indifference.  I have a family who loves me, a nation who hates me and a Lord...of which I still can't figure.  Wielding the Essence of the Obscure, the Concealed and the Unknown is a difficult burden for any individual.  Wielding that power in the form that I, indeed all my kind possess, may soon prove to be a wieght too great.  I look toward the light...
My name is Judas Ciaran Wriley, Accurséd One, Heir to the Seat of Power and High Sage of Darkness for the realm of Vellum.  This is my story.
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Valentines' 2004
NB: My apologizes to the members of Unicorn and Griffin pub for including them on my romp through mild insanity, but it's not like they haven't had practice :P
   "Stoker, what's wrong?"
   "I dunno, Razz.  I just have this really odd feeling.  Have you seen Jude lately?"
   "Not since Valentine's Day."
   "Well, crud.  Could you meet me at his place?"
   "What's going on?"
   "You know how lonely Jude always says he is.  I think Ratty's gotten himself into one of his post-V Day moods.  I'll explain when we meet up there."  Razz thoughtfully hung up the phone.  She hadn't really known the rat for very long, but he seemed like a nice guy even if he was a little shy.   
   Judas Wriley, the mildly reclusive
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Precious to Me, Precious to Xe
   The walls separating the worlds are seemingly strong and impenetrable, yet even while a young man and his friends sought for a way to tear them down permanently and Zirrus looked to pierce them through for his own gain, yet another would quickly find that passing from one world to the Next as easy as slipping into a loved one's arms.
   One moment he was.
   The next, he was not.
   "You felt it too, didn't you Twapa?"
   "Something's happened to Xe."
   Xe let his eyes open, the last thing he could remember was forcing himself through Zirrus' portal to escape.  Where was he?  Where was Idria?  How long ago was that?  Minutes, hours, years...?  As his eyes cleared, he found himself in a pearly grey, featureless space.  It was only a few months ago that Keer and himself found themselves in a similar situation.&
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Best of All Worlds
In the best of all worlds
   That which you have
  Will never live up to
  That which you desire
         Just as
  That which you desire
  Will never live up to
   That which you are
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To help reduce some extra bills and to earn some money to attend Anthrocon, I'm currently offering writing commissions.

Simple pricing structure.  $6 a page, Times New Roman, 12 pt, single spaced.  For non-fiction add an initial $5 to cover the cost of general research.

Email me, catch me on AIM, or Steam or any of the other communication venues listed on my profile and we can discuss how you would want the writing to progress.


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